Welcome to Curley Tail - The home of exceptional smoked candy bacon snacks you're sure to love! A unique crispy crunch, great for gifts for bacon lovers.

"Unique Bacon Gifts & Bacon Gifts for bacon lovers"

If you're looking for an amazingly delicious snack you can enjoy by yourself, share with family and friends, or give out as a wonderful gift on special occasions, you couldn't have come to a better place!

Curley Tail Smoked Candy Bacon is the premier source of authentic smoked candy bacon products that are great for snacks, for parties, and for giving out as outstanding gifts to friends and loved ones. Wherever you are in the United States, if you're planning a party or any type of celebration, and are looking for new and exciting snack options to serve your guests, be sure to have lots of Curley Tail Smoked Candy Bacon on hand because it's certain to be a big hit among your family and friends!

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Taking bacon to the next level - Everybody loves bacon! I mean, who doesn't, right? Who can resist those beautiful slices of pork perfectly seasoned and smoked to perfection. The scent, the taste, the texture - there's nothing not to love about bacon!
Here at Curley Tail, we took our love for bacon to the next level by creating recipes that incorporate new tastes, scents, and textures not normally found in your usual bacon. Curley Tail's Smoked Candy Bacon comes in two amazing varieties - Sweet Brown Sugar and Smoked Habanero. Each variety, or recipe as we fondly call them, comes in 3 sizes: 3 pieces, 12 pieces, and 30 pieces. We also have our best-selling Variety Pack which contains 30 pieces of candy bacon; 15 Smoked Habanero Candy Bacon strips and 15 Smoked Sweet Brown Sugar Candy Bacon strips for everyone to share.
If you'd like to know more about our tasty treats on offer,
please give us a call at 704 768 1051 or email us at today!